Friday Fictioneers – Disorienteering

Here is my latest Friday Fictioneers installment thanks to Madison Woods and Jan Morrill for supplying the picture.

As usual I am not sure on what I’ve produced, but a little pressed on time roday and I know I won’t get to spend time perfecting it tomorrow. So here it is, in a raw state.

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The man gave each of us a map and a deadline of two o’clock sharp.  It was now one fifteen. I had misplaced my team an hour before and was completely lost. The blue sky and heavy sun teased my useless sense of direction and cast shadows against the white city walls. I looked down at the map littered with lines, discovering little correlation between where I was standing and where I needed to be.

My mouth felt parched and my head throbbed. I popped the tiny foil circle on top the carton of cranberry juice and cursed as the red liquid shot out of the straw and on to my light yellow top. Using the map to blot away the stain, all hope of completing the mission was lost.  I screwed up the ruined piece of paper and shoved it into my bag. The work’s annual team building exercise, yet another resounding failure.


17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Disorienteering

  1. sustainabilitea says:

    Oh, yes, team-building exercises. 😦 I don’t know whether you meant this to convey humor as well as frustration, but I got a wry laugh out of it. It was either that or go crazy! Good job.

  2. Sheila says:

    This alley does seem very disorienting and part of some larger, crazy maze. I like that there was a deadline with this. It adds to the panic of it all.

  3. caprimontgomery says:

    I love that first paragraph because you bring the reader into the scene. I feel as if I’m standing there and experiencing the heat, the frustration of being lost, and the map…I can totally see it. Very good writing :).

  4. Lora says:

    I never heard of “team building exercises” during my working days, but then again, my jobs did not require teams. They seem challenging, yet frightening. I feel her frustration with the juice spurting all over her top and the terror of not figuring out the map. Will this failure appear on her work record? Original take on the prompt.

  5. Joe Owens says:

    I like this Emma. It shows you have a great sense of making the reader realize your character is needing some confidence. You have an easy style that brings the reader into the depth of the story.

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