Earn Money Writing Articles – A Few Tips

For the past couple of months I have been trying to earn some extra money through my writing. Whilst I would love this to be through my short stories, I am still not confident enough to send anything out to publishers.  In the meantime as I still need a few additional pennies to keep the bills at bay, I chose to pursue article writing.

Although I have a background in journalism, becoming an online copywriter was a little tricky. I didn’t know where to start. First I became an approved writer at Demand Studios but found that unless you have specialist knowledge then it will be hard to find assignments. For example if you want to write about buying curtains, you need to be a well established home and garden journalist to pick up the job.

Squidoo is using article writing to create ‘Lenses’ using a free platform. Here you write about a topic you are enthusiastic about and you feel is useful. Income generated from the affiliate ad links and ad revenue.  This is a great way to earn money whilst article writing but it’s a slow burner, don’t expect to see results straight away.

I have found better success with Copify, a copywriting agency with hundreds of copywriters on their books. To become a copywriter you need to apply through their website, which from what I remember was a fairly quick and simple process.  At first you start off as a standard writer, where you have access to pick up ‘standard’ jobs. Most pay about 1-1.5p a word, with jobs ranging from travel articles, blogs and website copy.  When you have completed a job and it has been approved you are paid. The client can leave a rating on your profile out of five stars and may also leave a comment. Once you have worked through a few jobs and received consistent, positive feedback you graduate to become ‘Professional’ writer. I understand at this point you are offered higher paid jobs.

So that is my bit of advice for copywriting online if you need a bit of extra cash in these hard-up times, I hope you’ve found it useful.


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