#FridayFictioneers Step by Step

I missed last week’s Friday Fictioneers so was looking forward to taking part again. I have written this on my lunch break at work so if it’s a little round round the edges then that’s why. I actually managed to keep it down to 99 words this time. Happy for feedback/critiques if you’re willing to give them.

Here is Madison Woods 100 word challenge if you want to take part.

Step by Step

With each tentative step, Liz felt the back of her heels sting. She perched on a rock and removed one walking boot at a time, carefully inspecting the offending blisters.  Liz had already hiked twenty five miles but her feet looked as though another step would finish them off.  She adjusted the heavy bag weighing down on her shoulders, wincing as the straps cut into her collar bone.

“Ten miles to go” she whispered, trying not to cry as she examined the steep forest path.

“Come on Liz, you beat the big C. This is a piece of cake.”


42 thoughts on “#FridayFictioneers Step by Step

    • EmmaMc says:

      I’m not sure. I saw it just being a long path… possibly with a pub at the end of it. Think Liz deserves a pint.

    • EmmaMc says:

      She is indeed and I’m glad that she comes across as determined. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂

    • EmmaMc says:

      Yes, I’ve been on a fair few myself (including a 10 miler last week) where you just want to give up. Always worth it in the end. Thank you for popping by 🙂

  1. maturestudenthanginginthere says:

    I’ve been in this situation with a pal of mine. Her words to me were “I know that chemo and cancer are crap but my feet are killing me, can we sit down” – and we did. Much like your piece though she got back up and kept going. This is a lovely piece of writing. Well done you for doing this in your lunch hour – that is certainly dedication.

    • EmmaMc says:

      I thought of a few friends who are/have gone through a similar thing and it’s always the brave determination which keeps them going. People have so much strength and sometimes don’t realise how much until something like that happens to them.

      Thank you for your kind words!

    • EmmaMc says:

      It’s such a tough battle and requires so much bravery and determination. Admire anyone who is unfortunate enough to have to go through it. I’m pretty wimpy about blisters too! They’re horrible!

    • EmmaMc says:

      I guess sometimes you just need to challenge yourself, whatever the reasons. Hope you liked it and thank you for stopping by 🙂

    • EmmaMc says:

      She is indeed and glad you admire her. As for walking boots… I made the mistake of hiking last week without them, swapping them for trainers and nearly did my tendons and ankles in. I didn’t want to do it to her. Maybe barefoot is the way to go!

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