#Friday Fictioneers – Sirens

Thank you Madison for this weeks photo. I found it tricky again but I think that was also because I haven’t had much time to write this week. If you fancy a go, view the photo here and write approx 100 words.


All the hope of freedom was held in that barn. Peering through the crack in the wood Sarah could see bodies of the young.

Engulfed in flashing light the adolescent army danced with their arms reaching up towards the sky. Broken rumbles disturbed the dust beneath her feet and a deep bass line triggered euphoric memories. The mood was hypnotic but Sarah wouldn’t allow it to take her prisoner.

Running away from a crime she didn’t commit, her proof of innocence belonged to a girl. Sarah desperately needed to find her but as the sirens drew closer she had to choose between liberty and exoneration.  Tonight the shadows beckoned, the truth had to wait and Sarah vanished once more.


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