Progress Update

When I started this blog I had no idea about the impact it would have on my writing. In the past I had started blogs but after a few months they were abandoned as in all honesty they had no use to me.

Write Away is in effect documenting my development as a writer. Recently I have been going back and reading stories from before I started my blog and I can see a vast difference in my writing. The style in which I write is very much the same but the plot, description and character is much richer than before. In part I believe this is down to taking part in Friday Fictioneers so that each week I am challenged to create a story inspired by a photo prompt and only using about 100 words. I have become very picky about the words I use and what it takes to develop a plot in such few words.

It has also got me used to sharing work, opening it up for critique which when you are starting out is the most terrifying thing you can do. Now I look forward to comments and any critique I receive, good or bad, really does aid my learning.

I have also immensely enjoyed reading other writers literary journeys. Some evenings I sit at the laptop and think, how on earth am I going to write today when I am dog tired.   What helps is reading that we all feel the same way and it isn’t a flaw and is completely normal and okay to have days when you are not writing.

This week I have been reading. I believe reading is so important and it is so easy to forget to read and allow life get in the way. Yesterday I read How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff, a YA novel about girl called Daisy is sent to England by her father to live with her aunt and cousins who she has never met. It was a shocking, funny and surprisingly violent book but deeply moving and touching. It has really invigorated me and I am now considering exploring that genre further.  I have also been spending my evenings copywriting for some extra money which has to take priority at the moment. It’s important for me to allow myself time to recharge my batteries in a way and if I feel completely uncreative, don’t dwell and move on to something else.

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone would kindly offer to critique some work and thank you to those who replied. I have a short story in progress, which I am not entirely pleased with at the moment so it is a very slow work in progress.

Despite the fact my short story writing has stalled a little, I am constantly writing which in my eyes is a good. Many novelists work as copywriters or journalists before publishing a novel so I’m not going to give myself a hard time for not getting any fiction finished. I know I will keep working on it and my goal this year is still to have a piece of fiction published.

Most importantly I have finally got myself a place to work! (Yes, an exclamation mark was completely necessary) I assembled a desk overlooking the valley here in Yorkshire. No doubt I will be spending hours in my little room. Wonder how long it will take before I start posting at 2am?



3 thoughts on “Progress Update

  1. antiquityandadventures says:

    I was only saying today to my partner, that we need a work space, I love this little silly blog I do which to be honest is so that when my kids who are teenagers now think they may be interested and say what did dad actually do they can look back and see something 🙂 But these blogs do give you an idea where we are heading and how we are improving 🙂 I,ve rambled and now I,ll go 😉

  2. Ermilia says:

    Hey, keep up the writing! Set a schedule, that’s huge. Blogging will help you find other writers and connect with readers, but you still have to get the writing done. Good luck with everything!


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