New writing, not fiction – just articles

How to live with panic attacks

So I have decided to give Squidoo a go. If  am honest I don’t really get it yet. Is it a    blog or a place where you can purchase articles? I am not entirely sure. Either way if there is a way of writing and earning a little bit of cash then I am going to give it a go.

My first post is related to panic attacks and how to deal with them. As someone who has unfortunately suffered with them most my life I thought it would be the ideal place to start in regards to writing an article. Now I have heaps of ideas and looking forward to submitting them as ‘lenses’.

If you fancy a look then you can view it here.


4 thoughts on “New writing, not fiction – just articles

  1. antiquityandadventures says:

    Great post, until you have something like this I dont think anyone can understand exactly how scary and horrible they can be 😦

    • EmmaMc says:

      They are terrifying, especially if you don’t realize that it is a panic attack you are having and think that you are suffering a heart attack. All rationality leaves you.

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