Write or wrong – Critique wanted

I’m very aware I haven’t been posting a lot recently and must say I haven’t had much opportunity to write this week. It’s been a fairly busy one as my younger sister got married so bridesmaid duties left little time for anything else.

Recently been focusing on short stories again rather than flash fiction and in the near future I would like to send my work to publishers for feedback and hopefully publication. Looking at guidelines stories need to be at least 2500 words. One problem is that I have been so focused on flash fiction that I am now struggling to write anything of that length. I used to be able to knock out a few thousand words in a few hours. What flash fiction has taught me is that you need to make every word count. For example instead of writing a scene in 500 words, I am managing to do it in 250. Therefore I am allowing myself time to develop character and plot which I admit I probably never really paid as much attention to as I should have.

It is difficult though. I spent four hours last night crafting 1000 words. I know there is no right or wrong way when composing a story but one does tend to let the inner critique get in the way. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that writing a good story is hard work and this blog has helped me discover so much more about the process than I ever imagined.

As I am pretty much relying on my inner critique at the moment, I would really appreciate it if someone would kindly volunteer their services to critique one of my short stories. Family tend to be kind by default and unsure whether they should be critical so I need someone who is happy to give an honest opinion. I am not going to be posting any work in progress on here that I am planning on sending out to publishers so will be over email. I am more than willing to return the favour should anyone require it.


9 thoughts on “Write or wrong – Critique wanted

    • EmmaMc says:

      Very much so! Thank you for the offer, I always need feedback so it is appreciated. Like I said below, just making some changes/adding things so will let you know when it’s ready and will send across.

    • antiquityandadventures says:

      I,ll have you know I,m actually a seasoned critique in so much as I was once chosen to give my opinion on ” Stand By Me ” as to if it was worth releasing it in the UK… well me and 200 other people selected at random who probably had nothing else to do one rainy thursday night 🙂 but we got free pop corn

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