Progress Update

When I started this blog I had no idea about the impact it would have on my writing. In the past I had started blogs but after a few months they were abandoned as in all honesty they had no use to me.

Write Away is in effect documenting my development as a writer. Recently I have been going back and reading stories from before I started my blog and I can see a vast difference in my writing. The style in which I write is very much the same but the plot, description and character is much richer than before. In part I believe this is down to taking part in Friday Fictioneers so that each week I am challenged to create a story inspired by a photo prompt and only using about 100 words. I have become very picky about the words I use and what it takes to develop a plot in such few words.

It has also got me used to sharing work, opening it up for critique which when you are starting out is the most terrifying thing you can do. Now I look forward to comments and any critique I receive, good or bad, really does aid my learning.

I have also immensely enjoyed reading other writers literary journeys. Some evenings I sit at the laptop and think, how on earth am I going to write today when I am dog tired.   What helps is reading that we all feel the same way and it isn’t a flaw and is completely normal and okay to have days when you are not writing.

This week I have been reading. I believe reading is so important and it is so easy to forget to read and allow life get in the way. Yesterday I read How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff, a YA novel about girl called Daisy is sent to England by her father to live with her aunt and cousins who she has never met. It was a shocking, funny and surprisingly violent book but deeply moving and touching. It has really invigorated me and I am now considering exploring that genre further.  I have also been spending my evenings copywriting for some extra money which has to take priority at the moment. It’s important for me to allow myself time to recharge my batteries in a way and if I feel completely uncreative, don’t dwell and move on to something else.

A few weeks ago I asked if anyone would kindly offer to critique some work and thank you to those who replied. I have a short story in progress, which I am not entirely pleased with at the moment so it is a very slow work in progress.

Despite the fact my short story writing has stalled a little, I am constantly writing which in my eyes is a good. Many novelists work as copywriters or journalists before publishing a novel so I’m not going to give myself a hard time for not getting any fiction finished. I know I will keep working on it and my goal this year is still to have a piece of fiction published.

Most importantly I have finally got myself a place to work! (Yes, an exclamation mark was completely necessary) I assembled a desk overlooking the valley here in Yorkshire. No doubt I will be spending hours in my little room. Wonder how long it will take before I start posting at 2am?



#Friday Fictioneers – Flowers

Thank you Madison Woods for yet another excellent photo prompt. I had a few ideas, but struggled to get them down in the way I wanted. The ending is a little abrupt so I may have another go at writing it later on. If you want to have a go, view the photo, write approx 100 words and post back at Madison’s blog.

Friday Fictioneers


Morning sun colours the field sepia like an old picture. A lonely white flower waves at me as the wind brushes my face. The sound of the breeze is magnetic and the flower urges me to move closer. My fingers clench the fence and I feel blood trickle down my wrist but there is no pain. My palms are without injury and the barbed wire is decorated in red. Looking up the flower is gone and my girl with blond tussled hair is calling ‘Mum’. I run to her so fast that I nearly trip. The faster I run, the further away she seems. My mouth tries to scream her name ‘Katie’ but nothing comes out. My knees give way and I hit the ground. A jolt surges through me and my eyes open. Awake.


New writing, not fiction – just articles

How to live with panic attacks

So I have decided to give Squidoo a go. If  am honest I don’t really get it yet. Is it a    blog or a place where you can purchase articles? I am not entirely sure. Either way if there is a way of writing and earning a little bit of cash then I am going to give it a go.

My first post is related to panic attacks and how to deal with them. As someone who has unfortunately suffered with them most my life I thought it would be the ideal place to start in regards to writing an article. Now I have heaps of ideas and looking forward to submitting them as ‘lenses’.

If you fancy a look then you can view it here.

#Friday Fictioneers – Mizu in the Sky

If you fancy giving this week’s Friday Fictioneers a go, make sure you visit Madison Wood’s blog for this weeks photo prompt.

Mizu came from the sky, released by the big black clouds haunting the mountain. Falling into the river she travelled through the thick forests and over the rocks covered in slippery algae. Fish loved her as she hid them from the air and they powered her with momentum. Pushing through the rivers Mizu had so much to see but sunlight always took her home too early. This time she was determined to be a part of the big drop. Racing down the river, she could hear deep rumbling as the current pulled her closer. Today the sun favored Mizu and finally she was granted the gift of the sea. The cycle had been fulfilled and a new adventure awaited her.

#Friday Fictioneers – Going Under

I missed Friday Fictioneers last week and back on it today and found it a little tricky. I rewrote this several times and there are many alternative endings, however the one with the unhappy ending prevailed (doesn’t it always!)

If you want to have a go, view the image courtesy of Madison Woods and write 100 words based on that story. Visit her site, comment on her story with a link back to your own. 100 words is a guide rather than a rule, I’ve gone over yet again!

Friday Fictioneers

Going Under

It started under the bridge and tonight that’s where it would end. Nick waited in the concrete shadows, shivering in the cold. The echoes of her stiletto footsteps pounded against the walls as she walked towards him.  Jessica’s curves clung to her red dress, her long dark hair tumbling past her shoulders. Nick looked down at his wedding ring and then back at the stunning woman in front of him. For a year they had led separate lives, his wife barely spoke to him, their vows erased like a painful memory. It was supposed to end tonight but Nick was unsure which direction he should walk.

Jessica smiled “You coming?”

He nodded, took her hand and followed her through the darkness.

Write or wrong – Critique wanted

I’m very aware I haven’t been posting a lot recently and must say I haven’t had much opportunity to write this week. It’s been a fairly busy one as my younger sister got married so bridesmaid duties left little time for anything else.

Recently been focusing on short stories again rather than flash fiction and in the near future I would like to send my work to publishers for feedback and hopefully publication. Looking at guidelines stories need to be at least 2500 words. One problem is that I have been so focused on flash fiction that I am now struggling to write anything of that length. I used to be able to knock out a few thousand words in a few hours. What flash fiction has taught me is that you need to make every word count. For example instead of writing a scene in 500 words, I am managing to do it in 250. Therefore I am allowing myself time to develop character and plot which I admit I probably never really paid as much attention to as I should have.

It is difficult though. I spent four hours last night crafting 1000 words. I know there is no right or wrong way when composing a story but one does tend to let the inner critique get in the way. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that writing a good story is hard work and this blog has helped me discover so much more about the process than I ever imagined.

As I am pretty much relying on my inner critique at the moment, I would really appreciate it if someone would kindly volunteer their services to critique one of my short stories. Family tend to be kind by default and unsure whether they should be critical so I need someone who is happy to give an honest opinion. I am not going to be posting any work in progress on here that I am planning on sending out to publishers so will be over email. I am more than willing to return the favour should anyone require it.