Friday Fictioneers #6 Kicking back, letting go

Here is Friday Fictioneer tale for this week, photo prompt from Madison Woods. Fancy a go? Visit  Madison’s blog, view the photo, write 100 words and post it back as a comment on her story.

Memories of rolling down the dusty road in the blistering heat and kicking back by the campfire kept Julie awake. As the children slept she would creep through the house, open a cool beer, sit on the porch and daydream. To her children and husband it was a rusty heap of junk but in her eyes it was everything that she used to be, beautiful and free. With little money for the month, Julie considered her only choice. Hidden beneath the trees and overgrown grass, the truck’s decaying body looked sad and neglected. Julie knew it was time to let go.


29 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers #6 Kicking back, letting go

  1. maturestudenthanginginthere says:

    Beautifully written. I have learned a very valuable thing by visiting your blog. You see if I was writing this piece I would discard it because I would feel it was to short. Thank you for teaching me that good things come in small packages!

    I wrote a blog today asking folks whose blogs I subscribe to and who read mine to leave a link to one or two of their own favourite posts. Its just that we all write so much it is never possible to go back and read everything that others have written. So, I’ve asked folks to leave a link to their little nuggets of posts of their own that they most enjoy, for whatever reason. I would really like to hear which of yours you would flag up. If you leave a link in my comments then others can read it also.

    • EmmaMc says:

      Thank you very much and glad that you have taken something away from it, you should give it a go. That’s what I love about blogging is how much you can learn from other people.

      I will definitely be posting my favorite post so far, what a fantastic idea. Looking forward to reading the other comments also.

  2. Craig Towsley says:

    there’s a sweet hazy melancholy in your words – nicely done. I’m not too sure about the ending though, it seems a bit rushed maybe? (in comparison to the beginning anyway.) Or maybe that’s just me.

    • EmmaMc says:

      I have to admit, I was coming to the end of my lunch break and had to wrap it up so think I could have done better. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Madison Woods says:

    I can identify with holding onto something long after all hope of using it again or saving it is gone. Great story.

    • EmmaMc says:

      Thank you Lora, yes so difficult to let go when you are so attached to something for whatever reason. Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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