You are not a writer… yet

I haven’t been paying my attention to my blog this week mainly because my evenings have been taken up by what I have fondly named a ‘social life’. I’m not complaining, I love a social life as much as the next person but when you are desperate to dedicate a few hours a day to writing it does tend to get in the way.

At the moment I am putting pressure on myself to produce at least three flash fiction pieces a week as well as working on several short stories and a long-suffering novel. Unsurprisingly I am lacking focus and find myself starting a new story before I have finished the last one. This week I read that until you have completed a story, you are not a writer. I am not sure I agree with this but it has spurred me on regardless to introduce some structure and become a bit more productive.

My aim over the next month is to complete the following:

  • Cut down the ‘on-the-go’ short stories by culling those that aren’t going anywhere
  • Complete two short stories by the end of March to submit for either publication or competitions
  • Write one flash fiction for blog each week
  • Revisit novel and revise plot
  • Experiment with crime and young adult fiction

I don’t know if this is achievable yet but I really need to focus on short stories if I want to become published this year. Lets see what happens.




2 thoughts on “You are not a writer… yet

  1. Christina says:

    Well, you’re a published blogger! Also, if you don’t map out where you want to go with your writing you won’t be able to sort out what should be next on your list – and a bit of pressure helps, I think.

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