Where have all the words gone?

Help. I am suffering with writer’s block. It has come on unexpectedly and I have the urge to write but whenever I do everything comes out wrong or is just plain rubbish.

To be honest I am struggling to even write this blog post but persevering in the hope that if I write anything at all it will stir up some form of creativity.  Last week was very productive indeed and I couldn’t stop the ideas coming. Concentration levels at work were dwindling as I needed to get every idea on to paper. I worry that I may have used up my allocated supply of words in one week. Is that even possible?

The weekend was rather lovely with family around, cooking large meals, going to long walks and generally entertaining. I was planning putting some quiet time aside for editing Red Bricked House the time was allocated to peeling potatoes instead.

How do aspiring writers do it? Keeping down a full job and finding time to write on a regular basis is quite hard actually. Please share your words of wisdom as I don’t think I can bear this dry spell for much longer.


2 thoughts on “Where have all the words gone?

  1. Dallas Kelly says:

    Have you tried free writing or stream of consciousness writing? You pretty much just write whatever comes to mind, ignoring spelling, grammars, and typos. I have written pages of gibberish, but it has helped me free up my mind and get back to writing.

    • EmmaMc says:

      Yes I have tried that before, it’s a great way to limber up your mind. It works best for me when I’m not writing on a computer though as it removes the temptation to edit. I’m going to get it another go and find somewhere quiet with no distractions as I’ve found that is also a problem!

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