False Start

An exercise to try and break through the writer’s block

Let me know how you think this short story should end for Lucy.


Lucy sat down to write the letter. Her pen hovered over the white paper and she didn’t know what to say. A million words ran through her head and she had fallen asleep countless times with her life story playing out like a film. Now she had run out of time yet she still didn’t know how to explain what she was about to do.

Standing up, Lucy stared at the girl looking back at her in the mirror. The white chiffon dress was a perfect fit with a beautiful diamante bodice which accentuated her modest bosom. Simple and elegant, Lucy knew it was the one the moment she saw it in the window of the shop.  But the dress also made her sad. It was a costume that masked who she was and the life she secretly yearned for. With nowhere to go and no words to write, Lucy waited. Her father eventually came through the door to the bedroom of her childhood home, smiling broadly and looking proud. Holding his arm, Lucy longed to tell him how desperate and unsure she felt. Instead she smiled back, kissed him on the cheek and allowed him to lead her to the church.


3 thoughts on “False Start

  1. Christina says:

    Since you’re the creator of the story I’ll accept any end you propose, but to continue the story I’m keen to find out what it is that Lucy really wants in life. The question you will need to answer is will she be bold enough to pursue her dream or follow the path she is on right now…decisions, decisions…it’s a nice read, it pulled me in so please finish it now 😉

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