Friday Flash – In His Head

There was no doubt in his mind that he would see her again. The way she stared at him with her glasses sat on the end of her nose, crossing her perfect long legs as she leaned back in the duck-egg coloured arm chair. He knew that she wanted him.
“Tell me why you’re here, Daniel” she asked softly with pursed, pink lips, tucking a section of her long fringe behind her ear.
“You know why I’m here” he replied. Sighing, she leaned towards the coffee table separating them and slowly poured herself a glass of water.

“As I said last time, I need you to tell me. It’s important.” The still glass of tepid water remained on the table as Daniel waited for her to take a sip.

Daniel smiled and held her gaze, how he wished he could take her right there on the coffee table. Minutes passed as they sat in silence, the woman resting her clasped hands on her lap, the grandfather clock breaking the silence with it’s heavy tick-tock.

The woman looked at her wrist. “Okay Daniel, it’s 4.30pm. Time is up.”

Daniel stood up at the same time as the woman. At 6ft 5 he towered over her, she felt a little intimidated but never let it show. As they moved towards the door he leaned in to kiss her porcelain cheek. Pushing him away with the palm of her hand on his chest “No Daniel. Do that again and you won’t be able to come here anymore.”

“Sorry Susan,” he replied sheepishly.

“Okay Daniel now see you next week, same time again. Remember, for now I would prefer if you called me Dr Bateman”

She held the door open and he walked out into the waiting room, looking back at the door as she shut it slowly.


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